Look and feel!

We are denim-nerds, so denim breeches in gray and blue denim are a natural part of our equestrian collection. But we also have riding shirts made of super-stretchy, super cosy denim. And we simply love garment dye products: These pieces are sown in white fabric and dyed afterwards. That’s how we treat our riding breeches, jersey shirts, and even our riding jackets. Colors come out always a bit uneven, each piece has this special one-of-a-kind look. And it adds just the right little bit of vintage flavor for the perfect casual look.

Look and feel

Style meets function

It’s not only about style (though quite a lot…), but also about perfect function. That’s why we use super-stretchy Italian denim fabric that never looses it’s shape. It has this slight denim heritage look we love so much but still allows 360° moves. And we mustn’t forget to mention our „make-riders-life-more-happy“- details, such as the nylon pocket pouch for crumbly horse cookies on our riding jackets.

We love nature!

We can’t hide how much we like nature, even our choice of fabrics and colors makes this quite obvious. For our equestrian collection we try to use mainly natural fibers. And our colors always look a bit sun bleached, like after long day outdoors at the sandy beach. Although we love clean Scandinavian design we are so into details! Every tiny button and every single lable has been designed with a lot of passion and dedication exlusively for KUDAMONO. That’s how we end up with an equestrian collection that we too love wearing ourselves, every single day. With functional details, premium quality, but perfect casual style.

Have fun!